Scientific reviews of herbal supplements

On the main page about herbal remedies, a comprehensive list of herbs used to treat various health conditions is provided. Over many decades, scientists and herbalists have been using various extraction methods to isolate the active ingredients from these herbs in order to achieve a higher concentration and stronger efficacy.

Plant extracts, i.e. herbal supplements, are growing increasingly popular in industrialized countries. I am aiming here to provide unbiased scientific information that is currently available on these supplements.

As one of the most comprehensive recent efforts on this topic, Phytotherapy Research journal has published a free-access Virtual Issue, where numerous systematic reviews and analyses were brought together. It is entitled “The clinical efficacy of herbal dietary supplements: A collection of recent systematic reviews and meta‐analyses”.

Some of the key themes covered by these articles include the efficacy of plant ingredients in the treatment of various disorders, such as depression, skin diseases, menstrual bleedings, angina pectoris, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cognitive impairments, hepatitis and many other.

The most recent list of articles will be regularly added below, but for the full list of articles click here.

The efficacy of vaginal suppository based on myrtle in patients with cervicovaginal human papillomavirus infection: A randomized, double‐blind, placebo trial26 June 2018

Activity of preparations from Spilanthes oleracea, propolis, Nigella sativa, and black garlic on different microorganisms involved in oral diseases and on total human salivary bacteria: A pilot study25 June 2018

Curcumin in epilepsy disorders19 June 2018

Protective effects of cinnamon bark extract against ischemia–reperfusion injury and arrhythmias in rat

19 June 2018

The clinical efficacy of herbal dietary supplements: A collection of recent systematic reviews and meta‐analyses19 June 2018