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According to a recent study from Canada, these are the types of pet food purchased and preferred retail outlets for 2181 pet owners who responded to a survey about pet food purchasing decisions.

Number (%)
Purchase commercial prepared food1943 (89%)
Primary type of food fed to pet
 Primarily dry food1194 (54.7%)
 Equal amounts dry and canned food392 (18%)
 Primarily canned food148 (6.8%)
 Primarily home-prepared food84 (3.8%
 Equal amounts dry and home-prepared food74 (3.4%)
 Equal amounts canned and home-prepared food12 (0.6%)
 Other278 (12.7%)
Food that is ever part of the pet’s diet
 Dry food1872 (85.8%)
 Packaged treats1385 (63.5%)
 Canned1132 (51.9%)
 Table food775 (35.5%)
 Home-prepared532 (24.4%)
 Other350 (16.0%)
Preferred retail outlet for purchasing pet food
 Large specialty pet store514 (23.6%)
 Small “boutique” pet store358 (16.4%)
 Veterinarian’s office231 (10.6%)
 Grocery store212 (9.7%)
 Mass market store115 (5.3%)
 Farmer’s market24 (1.1%)
 Drug store2 (0.09%)
 Other483 (22.1%)