Is Your HVAC System Doing More Harm Than Good? 5 Potential Problems and How You Can Keep Your HVAC System Healthy for Your Entire Household

Your HVAC system is vital to keeping your home comfortable, but it can also be working against your and your cat’s health.

Why So Many Cat Food Manufacturers Are Wrong – The Foods You Should Avoid Feeding to Your Cat, and the Best Foods To Help Them Thrive

Many cat food manufacturers would tell you that their cat foods are the best choice for your kitty – and so many are either lying or just plain wrong. Plus, many small treats you might think are acceptable for your cat to occasionally snack on can be dangerous too. Dry Cat Food Dry cat food…

21 Cat-Friendly Flowers You Can Buy or Grow

With many indoor plants coming with dire warnings for pet owners (hello lilies!), it can be tricky to find a balance between being responsible pet parents and wanting some greenery… Read more »

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10 Simple Ways To Cat-Proof A Fence

The great outdoors is never a completely safe place for your cat. So naturally, it’s a significant worry for cat owners when it comes to allowing their cats the freedom… Read more »

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Hidden Bedroom Horrors – What’s in Your Bedroom That Could Be Slowly Harming Your Health, and How Can You Make Your Room a Toxin-Free Space for Sleep?

A bedroom should be a haven where you can relax and get the healthiest sleep possible. And yet many bedrooms are filled with potentially harmful furnishings due to the toxins they contain or the bacteria they can harbor. Here’s a look at the potential health issues of bedrooms. Mattress Many mattresses are made of soft…

FUKUMARU Cat Hammock Bed

The FUKUMARU Cat Hammock offers a cozy spot for your cat to relax and sleep, offering exceptional comfort during any weather. That’s because the linen hammock is breathable and cool, so during summer, your kitty won’t overheat, and you can always add a blanket for extra snuggly warmth if the room is a little cooler…

Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

The term ‘Hyperesthesia’ refers to an increased sensitivity of one of the senses. In humans, it can take many forms, including auditory (when painful loud sounds are heard despite nothing actually happening in the environment) and smell (when powerful scents are detected despite no trigger). In cats, Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome specifically refers to a heightened…

Revealed: The Top 10 States Most Likely to Spoil Their Pets

A new study into the online search habits of US residents has revealed the top 10 US states most likely to spoil their pets. The study looked at how often people were searching online for ways to spoil their pets, including searching for toys and treats. It comes as the US pet industry continues to…

Facebook Pet Scams – How Thieves Can Trick You Into Paying for a Beautiful Animal, and What You Need To Do if You Are a Scam Victim

Facebook is great for many things but is also rife with scams and fake profiles. Pet scams are widespread on Facebook, tricking people into giving up thousands of dollars to get a great deal on a kitty. Here’s how to spot a Facebook pet scam and what to do when you’ve found one. Bargain Prices…

Why Cats Like To Sit On Paper? Top 7 Reasons

Cats are no doubt creatures of comfort. They love soft, fluffy beds and blankets and can often be seen nestled into a cozy spot. However, they also like resting on… Read more »

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