Ragdoll Cats’ Love Affair With Boxes Captured in These Adorable Pictures

When it comes to Ragdoll cat pictures, you’ve gotta include some of Ragdoll cats in boxes.  These furry felines seem to have an irresistible urge to climb inside any box they can find, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s a shoebox, a cardboard box, or even a laundry basket. Thanks to all the…

Before/After – Ragdoll Kittens Progressing to Cats Pictures Included

One of the most amazing things about Ragdoll cats is their outstanding coat. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, but even more interesting is that the Ragdoll color progression and development are so fascinating to watch, regardless of the pattern. Ragdoll’s color progression and development are impressive. To show you how…

Litter Robot Discount: How to Save $50 on Litter Robot

Finding a Litter Robot discount can be quite the challenge. Check out our Litter Robot savings page to learn how to save on the LR3 or LR4.

9 Reasons for This Odd Cat Behavior.

Why Cats Love Plastic Bags You, as well as millions of other cat owners, are very familiar with this scenario – as you’re putting your groceries away, you hear some swishing. You look and you see your cat all over your shopping bag. It’s playing with it and it’s licking it as if it were…

Do Ragdoll Cats Make Good Pets?

Are you wondering, “Should I get a Ragdoll cat?” or “Is a Ragdoll cat right for you?” Suppose you are ready to welcome a new family member into your home. In that case, it’s important to research ahead to determine whether your prospective new furry friend will be a good fit for you and your…

Nystagmus in Cats – Quivering Cat Eyes

The first time I took Trigg to the acupuncturist, she asked me, “Did you notice the Nystagmus in his eyes?” I had never even heard the word and my regular vet had never said anything.

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers? And Answers to 50 Other Kitten Questions

Canva Why do cats have whiskers? And answers to 50 other kitten questions The arrival of the internet revealed an indisputable fact about human beings and the things that pique their interests: When given instant access to the accumulated knowledge of the entire human race, people will use it mostly to look at kittens. That’s…

30 Ways Cats Are Not That Different From Dogs

To help bridge the divide between cat and dog people, Stacker gathered to compile a list of 30 ways these animal companions don’t differ much from each other.

47 Well-Known Celebrity Cat Lovers

100 Celebrity Cat Lovers and their pets, including Taylor Swift’s cats. Did you know all of these celebrities had pets? Some might surprise you too.

How Different Generations Treat Their Pets

ManyPets compiled data insights from several national surveys to break down the differences in how millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers treat their pets.