Quercetin for the prevention and treatment of cancers

A comprehensive review was published in Phytotherapy Research journal today, investigating the literature published to date on potential anticancer properties of quercetin. The findings suggest that quercetin can be an important complementary medicine for the prevention and treatment of different types of cancers, due to its natural origin, safety, and low cost relative to synthetic cancer drugs.

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables. It belongs to a group of flavonoids. There have been numerous studies showing the beneficial anti-cancer effects of flavonoid-rich foods. Foods that are particularly rich with quercetin include onions, apples, berries, capers, tomatoes and broccoli. 

This review looks at no less than 19 types of cancers (!) and examines all the accumulated evidence so far of the effects of quercetin on tumors. The overall conclusions cast a very positive perspective on anti-cancer effects of this nutrient.

Combination of nutrition ingredients with pharmaceuticals has been gaining massive popularity in recent times, not only in the fight against cancers, but also against many other diseases. Some reports still insist that further research is necessary, but comprehensive reviews like this one clearly show the significant beneficial effect of this particular natural product. However, as always, developing a standardized extract or dosage would be a must so that the compound could be tested in clinical trials and officially prescribed.

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